Welcome Bulletin

On September 1st, I posted this bulletin so that residents could feel welcome to come to the fourth floor and that they know they have a place to belong when they enter the wing. I followed the safari theme and the bulletin characterizes Hugunin Hall as the safari.20170919_071545[1]


Need Resources?

On September 1st, I hung the Need Resources? bulletin up so that my residents could get a sneak preview of some of the campus resources that could help them if they need it. I want them to get to know where to go if they need help with homework tutoring, relieving stress, etc.


Friday Night Club


On Friday, September 29th, Friday Night Club was a blast with all the people who showed up. We had food, games, and a lot of people to talk to. A few of the residents seemed extremely relaxed at the event and had a blast playing outdoor and indoor games!

Dollar Movie Night

We went to see Kingsman, The Golden Circle at 8:20 PM and drove separately to the Cinema Theater on Tuesday September 26th. Matt B. was there along with a bunch of other friends from the wing. Kingsman also showed the difference between the United Kingdom and America by separating them into two different agencies in which served somewhat educational for the audience. The movie was fantastic and I highly recommend for anyone to go see. Although one should see the first movie before seeing this movie for contextual reasons. Overall, we had a blast and look forward to the next dollar movie night.

Sammy Obeid (Stand up Saturday)

Stand up Saturday was on September 16th, 2017, so a few of my residents and I decided to go see Sammy Obeid (the stand up comedian). He was extremely funny with several jokes that catered to most of the audience! At one point, some of my residents and I were almost in tears because we were laughing so hard. Overall, we had a blast!20170916_212753[1]

Door Decorations

On September 1st, 2017, I hung up my safari men door decorations around the wing to follow along with the theme of safari and jungle! When residents see these door decorations for the first time moving in, they feel instantly welcome to their rooms. It also allows them to find their rooms more easily which makes life in the wing slightly more convenient.20170919_071617[1]


Nerf War Friday

On September 8th, 2017, we had a massive Nerf war over in 4 North of hugunin! We had upwards to thirty people join the event, and we opened up some of the doors to make running for cover easier. We spent pretty close to two hours playing, and it seemed like the residents truly enjoyed it. Most of the people asked that we do it again in the future.


On September 3, 2017 I invited a few residents to come down to bridgefest to check out a bunch of the programs that the school has to offer like paintball, workplace opportunities, and simply to have a ton of fun. I saw Paul, Evan, Matt, Cory, and Caleb at the event and they were having a blast meeting new people. I even suggested a few clubs to them to get them started in becoming more involved with the school.

Icebreaker Showdown

We, as a wing, had a fantastic time with the icebreaker, and it showed that we came together as a wing to get to know each other. We played the game “hot pepper” where the leader would start in the middle of the group and close their eyes and say hot. The group outside the leader would start handing off an object around called the “pepper” all while they had their eyes closed. Once the leader in the center said, “pepper”, whoever was holding the pepper would become the new leader. Everyone on the wing enjoyed it, and it seemed to spark some chit chat among everyone. We had a blast and then everyone went to play fair. This was as of September 2, 2017.