Nerf War

On February 3rd, we engaged in combat in a team deathmatch of nerf. Everyone had two total lives each round and last person standing wins. There were two teams and we went for about an hour and a half. Everyone had fun and the residents on my wing seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. We look forward to doing it again!


Career Fair


On February 7th, some of the residents wanted to go to the career fair to get a grasp on what it was all about! They got to see all the different cultures of what many businesses are about and were able to acquire some business cards along the way. In the end, they all took some valuable information away from the career fair and had a great time doing it.

Coffees with cream


On January 21st, I hung up door decorations around the wing to introduce the residents back into the life of college and the addiction of coffee (at least for me). Many of the residents like the door decoration and have recommended I make more.

Stand Up Saturday (with Pete Lee)


On January 27th, Some of the residents decided that they wanted to go see a comedian while they are back at school to destress themselves from the first week of school. Pete Lee was hilarious with poking fun at himself while also commenting on the stereotypes of schools in Wisconsin. It was a good time and hopefully we can do it again soon.

What’s your sign? Board


On January 21st, I decided to construct the zodiac signs for the residents to look at to see what sign represents them. Many people have stopped by the board to see what their birth date consists of. My birthday is on March 21st so that translates to my sign being Aries which means that I am very self-oriented and very talkative when I’m surrounded by people I know.

Welcome Back (Office)


On January 21st, I put together the Office board to welcome back the residents to another semester of school. Recently, I was influenced to start watching The Office by other Resident Assistants and you could say it left a lasting impression on me. The board consists of funny quotes from The Office so that people can have a good laugh.

Job Searching


On January 21st, I put up the job searching board in case people were deciding to do online searching for jobs. The board entailed things to look for on online sites and things to be careful of when searching on the internet. Some of the residents have been talking about looking for jobs as of late; therefore, I figured this would help out.


Game Night


On January 26th, a few of the residents and I decided to have a board game night! We played Last Night on Earth in which was a zombie board game that involved many scenarios. Needless to say, everyone had a great night and it was heavily requested by the the residents to be done again.

Making Healthy Choices

On December 6th, I hung up the making healthy choices bulletin! I figured this was an excellent bulletin to hang because finals are right around the corner and I want the residents to not just impulse eat when they are stressing about finals.20171206_155904[1]