Monti Washington

On February 12th, 2017, we went to a United We Stand Speaker. His name is Monti Washington and he was a motivational speaker. He told us of his life and how he was so far behind in life that he thought he was pathetic and stupid. He felt this way, because his foster parents called him stupid and said he was dumb. Always negative thinking, but he turned it around. He fought his way through adversity and lived his life saying, “I am the shit!” He motivated us to keep our spirits and live on to our fullest. I’m very happy that I and my other residents got the opportunity to hear him!

-Lucas Schwartz



On February 11th, 2017, our Resident Director Lawrence had an idea to go to Madison to play laser tag! So Resident Assistant’s Lucas Schwartz, Landon Gauthier, Andrew Groleau, and Marty Mathews told their group of friends on their wing to see if they wanted to go as the same with me. So we took off and played! It was great filled with fun and laughter playing a real life call of duty game! Everyone had a great blast! We now have a new passion with laser tag!

-Lucas Schwartz