Culture and Religion

On December 10th, 2016, I made a bulletin board on culture and religion. Many Americans know Christianity very well and so that’s why i decided to put a bulletin board up about Muslims and Hindus about their customs and religions. The bulletin board describes how their wear their clothing and the reasons for it. The same with how their religion and how men and women practice their faith. It’s a very different view for many people from our area and will help them understand that we are in fact very different from our world. It’s supposed to help understand the diversity of different people.

-Lucas Schwartz


Diversity and You

On December 3rd, 2016, I put a bulletin board up about Diversity. This board explains the importance of the impact that different cultures plays on us. We are all different and we need to understand our differences to learn and make relationships. This also is very important for everyone to understand that diversity even effects you through your career. Your’e never going to meet that a person that’s same as you, it’s impossible. Everyone’s different and this board the importance of this in our daily lives.

-Lucas J. Schwartz