Lets Do Something Fun!

On October 5th, 2015, my residents went to the Williams Field House to play basketball. We shot hoops and talked about techniques of ball playing. Like how to really pressure the ball carrier and how to drive past the defender while knowing your surroundings. When you know your surroundings, you can make a last second pass to someone. We talked about fun things we did in high school as well. It was a great time! We had great conversations!

-Lucas Schwartz


Have a Great Winter Bulletin Board

On December 5th, 2015, I put a bulletin Board up that said have a great Winter. Also, there are pictures of penguins, a moose, snowmen, and snow flakes on the bulletin board. On each snow flake, i wrote a residents name on it. The bulletin board is supposed to cheer them up about winter break and to be more relaxed toward when finals come. It shows that i care and it’s like a place for them to belong. We are all in this together and will get through finals!

Lucas Schwartz