In the beginning of the 2015 Fall semester, I created badges in which individual residents could interact with their community to rank up, to be promoted. The badges help create their personal identity by knowing their community. The badges start out as privates and increase as they do new things in there community. It’s a blast and has been lots of fun, because they get extremely competitive.

-Lucas Schwartz


Playing Madden 2015

In Wednesday the 25th, 2015, my residents wanted to play madden football before Thanksgiving break. We had a great time competing with each other playing as random teams against each other. We had a great talk about classes and signing in with the classes. We had a great time!

-Lucas Schwartz

Adulting 101

On November 19th, 2015, Kolten Kline, Sarah Brackney, and Henry Nicklas hosted a program on  how to become an adult. We had a guest speaker that talked about making healthy eating decisions. He told us ways to eat healthy, ways to work out, and ways to think positively. Then Kolten Kline talked about how to look good on a website in which employers can look at. The website is like facebook, but more professional. It has your resume and interesting things that employers would like to see. Then Sarah Brackney showed everyone how to write out a check. Finally, Henry Nicklas had healthy food for everyone at the end of the program.

-Lucas Schwartz

How to Tie a Tie

On Sunday the 8th, 2015, I put a bulletin board up on how to tie a tie. Most people have to use you tube to figure out how to tie a knot. It’s tough to remember how to do, but it is necessary for a good first impression at a job. The bulletin board shows how to tie a full and half Windsor knot.

-Lucas Schwartz

Happy Thanksgiving

On November 14th, 2015, I put a bulletin board about Thanksgiving up. It has a turkey and leaves all over the board. On the turkey’s chest is a piece of paper that says what they are thankful for. It shows the love and meaningful stuff we are thankful for in life. The little things in life is what we don’t notice now a days. The rights we have is different in our modern time and we should never forget what we have. Especially family, loved ones that we cherish to be with.

-Lucas Schwartz

Java Jams

On November 13th, 2015, Hugunin Hall hosted a program that involved open mic, karaoke, coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, and my mothers cookies! We started at 9 pm and ended at 11 pm. It was lots of fun. I even went on to the stage and sang a country song. That doesn’t happen too often. We even cracked up jokes. I really loved this program and so did the residents!

-Lucas Schwartz

Football Time

On November 10th, 2015, my residents, along with different residents in Hugunin hall, decided to get a group together to play a football game! The whole hall was included to play football. It was lots of fun and we won the game. It was good to run, throw, and catch the football with my residents against the other people from our hall. It was a great time!

-Lucas Schwartz

Playing Madden Football

On October 5th, 2015, my residents wanted to play madden football against me. So i told them that they could try, but they won’t have a chance! They beat me. It was lots of fun though, because we understand the game and have a passion for it. We know when to blitz, how to trick the other person, and when to throw a hail marry! We enjoy the sport that has crafted us all our life. An unbreakable bond from a sport. An American sport!

-Luke Schwartz

Football Break

On October 4th, 2015, my residents wanted to take a break out of the day and play catch. We had a blast and i have learned to be aware of my surroundings! I may have tripped about 3 times and fell in the sand volleyball court. It was fun and we had a great time.

-Lucas Schwartz

How to Dress

On October 5th, 2015, I made a bulletin board for the 4 south wing on how to dress properly for a job interview. The clothing shows how the employer would judge your ability for your job based on how professional you look. Confidence is key, especially when you are wearing something nice.

-Lucas Schwartz