Everybody to the Williams Field House!

On October 23rd, 2015, the residents of the hall of Hugunin went to the William’s Field House to play basketball on the court. I used lots of strategy with our guys. I knew strengths and weaknesses and used them both to win the games. Some people weren’t good at playing, but improved as we continued playing! Needless to say, they went onto a 3 game winning streak!

-Lucas Schwartz


The Reduce, Reuse, and the Recycle Bulletin Board

On October 31st, 2015, I put up a bulletin board on recycling. It showed fun facts about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It also showed was to save paper and plastic. I also attempted to draw the America’s. Let’s just say that’s what they will look like if we don’t recycle! It also showed what was recyclable and locations that are used for recycling.

-Lucas Schwartz

Star Gazing

On October 23rd, 2015, we traveled to Ottensman Hall to star gaze! We got to go to the roof of Ottensman Hall, which rarely happens, to see the stars! A professor gave us binoculars and a constellation map to find the constellations easily. The moon was spectacular and she showed us where the positioning of the stars would be since it was October and what each one was called. We had a great time!

-Lucas Schwartz

The Pledge to Respect

On October 12 of 2015, SA Holly and RD Lawrence put on a program about respect! They taught us the quality of respect and 10 rules behind them. The rules were from a kindergarten book, but he talked to us about how they still relate to us! After his presentation of respect, holly made a Pledge of Respect. She wrote down what it meant to be respectful and then we all put our fingers in paint and pressed it on the pledge. We signed our signatures by our thumb prints too. Respect is extremely important and we must never forget about it!

-Lucas Schwartz

The Variety Show

On October 8th, 2015, our hall participated in the variety show! We were dressed up as Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow, Katniss,Tinkerbell, and Adventure the dog! Our play was based on fighting over an adventure, but at the end we all shared an adventure together. Everyone but Jack Sparrow! It was a lot of fun and we made plenty of laughs!

-Lucas Schwartz

House Decorations

On the week of homecoming, October 4th to the 9th, we decorated the main lobby into an Indian Jones theme with traps. We had Adventure the dog dressed as Indiana Jones! Then we created the whole lobby into a cave, where the crystal skull was to be found at. We moved furniture and made plenty of trips to Walmart for lots of supplies. It turned out great and exceeded our overall expectations!

-Lucas Schwartz

Hunger Games Dodge ball

On October 4th, 2015, Hugunin Hall participated in one team to go against the other halls in a homecoming event called, “The Hunger Games Dodge Ball”. Three guys and three girls were in one team. Two people were put in a triangle out of the three teams that faced off. The two people had to dodge the ball so points weren’t added against them! The other four people in each team were outside of the triangle and got to throw the balls at the other teams two players who were within the triangle. If a person had lots of points, then they were last. Hugunin tried their best and put their full effort into it! Arooohaaa!

Lucas Schwartz

The Spooky Bulletin Board

On October the 3rd, 2015, I put a bulletin board up that was related to Halloween. It is a board that involves two scary stories of people who have witnessed freaky events! Then i made a pouch for a list of dares! The dares were to help the residents have fun and to become involved in their community. By getting involved with the community with the dares, they learn to have a sense of belonging!

-Luke Schwartz

The Safe Walk Alcohol Dance

On September 30th, we had a dance that talked about alcohol. Black lights were used at the dance and lots of disco lights as well. We had food for people to eat during the dance also! We danced for an hour to hip hop music. Then after the first hour we stopped and talked about the dangers of alcohol. We made scenarios on what could possible happen at a party. We had statistics as well within it. Then we danced for the rest of the night! It was a blast.

-Luke Schwartz

Circle Olympics Dance

On September 25th, we had our Circle Olympic Dance! We ate food and dance to great hip hop music! We celebrated the Olympians who played in the fun events. We had Pickard, Brockert, and Hugunin Hall participates dancing. Then we gave the hall with the most points the Circle Cup. Brockert won and Residence Director Savion Kirk gave a speech on their victory.

-Luke Schwartz