Floor Mascot

On September 19th, Luke and Henry created the mascot for the 4th floor. We both bought the helmet online and  Henry put stripes on it. I spray painted on the eyepiece with a metallic grey color. The helmet is supposed to resemble a minion! Then I created a pickaxe to go with the mascot! It looks great and should represent our floor well!

-Luke Schwartz


Football with Residents

On September 19th, me and three residents played football together. We played against Pickard Hall and had Andrew Groleau, 3 south RA, on our team. We succeeded and won the game! There were many touchdowns, but we had good ball handling skills on the catches. We became quicker than the other team and had precision with throwing the ball. Go Hugunin!

-Luke Schwartz

Sexual Assault Video

On September 9th, the residents in the building were emailed a video talking about sexual assault. The video said that every two minutes a person gets sexually assaulted. It’s very hard to talk about for some people, but the people who are affected need to know that we care. The video showed how we can be supportive and be by the side of the victim whenever they are in need. The residents were then all given sheets about the video in their mailbox to fill out. My residents understood the video and participated with the video sheets. They learned about resources from the video as well, like counseling services and the student health center that are on campus.

-Luke Schwartz

The Fun Fact Bulletin Board

At the beginning of the school year, I put a bulletin board up about space! It consists of planets, the moon, and our sun. It talks about the atmospheric pressures and temperature on the planets and much more. Our solar system is very unique and complex. Also –}——-on the board has a quiz on star wars. Our theme for Hugunin this year is out of this world, so i created the solar system facts and star wars quiz around the theme. This board should give a sense of understanding about the universe we live in. It’s fun knowledge!

-Luke Schwartz

Suicide Program

On September 9th, 2015 a program was scheduled to talk about suicide. Jake Kordus and Hayley Pollei set the program up in the basement of Hugunin hall for 8 pm.We had  conversations about how serious suicide is and how to tell if someone is feeling suicidal. We learned about resources that can help depressed people and what to do to help someone in a lonely or sad state of mind. We had free cookies at the end of the program and made drawings of the word love and semi colons on our arms for support for the people who have been affected by suicide.

-Luke Schwartz

The Kickball Tournament

On September 4th, Hugunin Hall hosted a kickball tournament. We had a great time with the games and all the teams were very competitive. Free water was given to the competitors. My residents didn’t do the best, but they had a lot of fun. Having fun is all that matters! Aroha!

-Luke Schwartz

Volleyball Floor War!

Resident assistant Andrew Groleau challenged my 4th floor south residents to a volleyball competition against his 3rd floor south residents. We had a great time September 7th playing sand volleyball! Our team worked together and improved with their communication from the first game to the last. We got better each time for scoring points as well. Andrew’s team was just a tad bit better and shut us down 3 out of the 3 games we played. We had a fun time! AROHA!!!

-Luke Schwartz

Welcome Bulletin Board

The bulletin board was filled with names of the residents that are on my floor. The board reads welcome to the Hugunin penthouse suite. I also cropped and attached a photo of pioneer Pete and placed it on the bulletin board. The names of the residents are on little pioneer Pete’s indicating that they now are part of the Platteville family, now having a sense of a home and a belonging with Platteville!

Kickball Tournament

Get ready for the epic kickball tournament which will be held in the Pioneer Athletic Center! It will be this Friday, September 4th at 9 to 11 pm. The teams will consist of 8 to 10 people. Be prepared for too much fun! Let us be ready for the best moments of our lives and see who is left standing at the end! AROHA!

-Lucas Schwartz