Stocking Door Decoration


On December 4th, I hung up the stocking door decoration to signify the end of the year and for a little fun. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!


Snow Ball

On 12/1/2018, Jessie held the Snow Ball for everyone who wanted to dress up or just participate. There was also food along with scoop cake (which is to die for) there for everyone. The dance went for 3 hours and it seemed to keep getting bigger as the night went on. Overall, everyone had fun, and I saw a few of my guys dip in and out which was nice to see.

FNC: Escape Rooms

On November 30th, Margot, Clay, Max, Conor, Tim, and I went to participate in the escape rooms over at Bridgeway commons. We waited for quite some time to actually play the escape room (1 hour 30 min) then we finally got in. Needless to say, this escape room was hard, but interesting. Our main goal was to escape the evil laboratory in under 20 minutes. We were tasked to find all the looks and figure out the code to escape the room. We did not make it; however, everyone had a blast.

Exam Preparation Bulletin


On November 29th, I hung up the exam preparation bulletin because we all know what this time of brings…. Finals. I gave a few tips and tricks to help some of the residents relax and prepare for those beefy exams that are bound to bring many sleepless nights. I also gave a few suggestions for how the residents can recover for after the exams.

Halo Night

20181126_222558On November 26th, One of my residents and I set up both of our consoles for after floor meetings, so we could all play some halo. Needless to say we got 8 of us playing at a time which made the event more epic. We also got some new faces to show up to try out the console. Some of them were extremely happy with this event and said to keep it coming.