Making Healthy Choices

On December 6th, I hung up the making healthy choices bulletin! I figured this was an excellent bulletin to hang because finals are right around the corner and I want the residents to not just impulse eat when they are stressing about finals.20171206_155904[1]


Festive Door Decorations

On December 5th, I hung up festive door decorations to show that the holidays are around the corner! A few of them even mentioned it as a pretty simple but effective door decoration. It also shows that finals are right around the corner because with finals comes Christmas.20171206_155929[1]

Pizza Party and Packer game

On November 6th, Both James and I held a pizza party in the basement to celebrate both the wings coming together and go over events for the week. We had several different drinks, pizza, and we watched the first half of the Packer game. We also played a few games of Ping Pong to show off some of our skills. Special Shout out to Richie for picking up the pizzas and pop!

No-Shave November

On November 1st, I constructed the No-Shave November to inform residents of the significance of the month and how it relates to the goal of cancer research with beards! A few of the residents have already showed their support with me to raise awareness for the month.20171101_161710[1]

Variety Show

The Variety Show was a blast and a half. On Thursday, October 12th, James, Zeke, and I performed in the show. We performed to many different songs around the world like Africa, Gangnam Style, and many more. We had so much fun and a few of the residents even showed up! Even though, we didn’t win, we sure made it memorable!

Escape Room

On Tuesday/Wednesday, October 10th and the 11th, Lauren, me and a few of the residents found ourselves in the escape rooms late at night. We had a blast how much we had to think through every step. We were given 30 minutes to diffuse a “bomb” and if we didn’t, we would “die.” We got extremely close until we eventually ran out of time because we could not figure out the last part of the escape room. The residents had fun doing it and so did I.

Tug of War

On Monday, October 9th, a few of the residents and some of the RAs got together for tug of war. We weren’t the biggest group out in the pit, but we gave it our all and had a bunch of fun doing it. Rolando was there too supporting his team, but we talked a little about it after it was all said and done. We lost both of our matches to international club and HHP unfortunately but we had fun.