Circle Smackdown

On 04/28/2018, Hugunin Hall hosted Circle Smackdown where faculty members joined students to play some volleyball to win prizes. One of the faculty members was on the winning team with a couple of my residents, and they won a Steve’s Pizza gift card. The second place team was awarded a Jimmy Johns gift card. Two teams showed up to play, so both teams were awarded the prize. Everyone had a blast and got to connect to the faculty member when it came to athletics.


Fortnite Friday

On 4/13/2018, I enlisted the residents to do a Fortnite Friday where everyone brings their consoles to play some fortnite. We had 8 TVs at one time and one side was designated as Xbox and the other was Playstation. People switched back and forth between the sides and there was even food to accommodate people for showing up. We played until about 12 at night and the event started at 6:30ish.

Poker Night


On 3/11, Kyle invited a bunch of the residents to play some games like poker, indian poker, 7 card draw, etc. We hung out for a couple of hours and a few of the people got to learn how to play some of the new games. I even learned a new game of 7 card draw.



On March 1st, I put up shamrock door decorations to show my appreciation for luck and to add yet another decoration to the residents doors. The residents already commented on the door decorations by saying they appreciate the decorations for the season.

Diversity Lounge

On February 20th, a bunch of the residents wanted to go check out the diversity lounge and see what it was all about. We looked at many of the people who were on the wall, and we discussed the significance of certain people we have never heard of. Overall, it was a cool experience and the snow cones were an excellent addition to the lounge!



On February 18th, A bunch of the residents wanted to part take in call of duty style laser tag. It was 15 vs 15 in an all out team death match. We split ourselves up and my team only one 3 out of the 8 games, but we definitely got a workout running and gunning.

Dream Director


On February 11th, Matt and I went to the dream director speech where Lamarr Womble talked about achieving your dreams and not letting other people influence you from achieving your dreams. We all learned that we can achieve anything if we set our minds to it.