Trivia Night

20181001_193418[1].jpgOn October 1, Tim, Ryan, Sam, and I went to trivia to represent Hugunin. We did fairly well for 4 people versus most groups who had 8 people, and we came close to placing second. Southwest was the supposed winner; however, we will continue to participate in upcoming events throughout the week.


Card Night


On September 27th, I held a card night for all the residents up on 4th floor. A bunch of the residents came to the event (approximately 10 of them) and we played several games like mao, cribbage, and texas holdem. A bunch of the residents were happy with doing the game night considering that they got to meet more people from the wing. This event also allowed me to see what other events the residents would like to see in the future.

Peace Sign Door Decoration


On August 31, I hung up the Peace Sign Door Decoration which came in two different colors and had four different pictures within them. These pictures signified what happened during the 1960’s (obviously more happened than these four events). These pictures give residents a little taste on what happened during the 1960’s.

Pioneer Provisions


On September 5th, I gathered a bunch of the residents to take them over to Pioneer Provisions. About 16 of the residents arrived to the lounge. I explained that this is more of a “spur the moment” event for all the residents that were worried about their meal plans. I started off by explaining that Pioneer Provisions is a food pantry that takes all the food that Walmart used to throw away and provides it to the students of UW-Platteville. In a way this ensures that we are helping the environment by using all the food provided to us. Most of the food is not past the expiration date, but I also told my residents that this is a great opportunity to start checking for expiration dates and food nutritional facts. I told them that all they had to bring was their ID. I finally explained that the best part about the whole experience is that the pantry is entirely free.